How to wipes the data

A) Mobile Security for Android

Q: How to wipe the data?

Step-1: Login to > click ” My Devices ” > select device > click ” Anti Theft ” > Click ” WIPE “
Step-2: Send command code from phone A* to B* which is BD -xxxx WIPE

*A = must be the trusted number that you set on BMS
*B = The device that you want to wipe.
xxxx = your PIN code

Q: In what situation the data can be wiped?

1) If you want to wipe it by using central account, your mobile phone must have internet.
2) You can wipe mobile data by sending command code as the information above with or without internet, as long as your mobile inserted Sim Card (mobile phone cannot receive any message without Sim Card).

When used, the wipe feature from Bitdefender Mobile Security will restore your phone to factory settings. It is also known as master reset, this will restore the device to its original system state by erasing all of the information stored on it. Memory card data will not be erased.

B) Total Security 2016

Q: How to wipe data?
Login to > click ” My Devices ” > select the device > click ” Anti Theft ” > click ” Wipe”

Bitdefender central account

and the laptop will be…


Q: In what situation the data can be wiped?
Answer: The device must be connected to internet (online mode).

Q: What file / folder in C / D drive can/ cannot be removed?
Answer : All physical internal drives can be wipe but not external drive – thumb drive / external hard disk.