Bitdefender Partner Deal Registration Scheme

Bitdefender will protect the margin for partners who register new business deals before any other partner.


1) Download and submit this form with complete information require.
p/s: We will provide the standard margin until you can provide proof that the deal is registered to you.

2) Email to your account manager or ‘‘ for verification.

3) Bitdefender will honour the deal registration for a period of 3 months.

4) Bitdefender will verify the Deal Registration information with the end user before giving any confirmation to partner.


i) Any deals for a minimum of 30 users can be registered. Deal registration margins will only be applied upon receipt of email with full approval from Bitdefender.

ii)  Deal Registration may not be available on opportunities requiring CHEST pricing, or tender related opportunities.

iii) Deal registrations are valid for a period of 3 months. If the deal has not closed after 3 months, it will need to be re-registered and new approval is require.

iv) Deal registrations will be confirmed within 72 (working) hours of receipt.