How to download installation package

1) Select the Endpoint Security installation package you wanted to download. Click the Download button at the right side of the table and select the type of installer.


Two types of installation files available:

• Downloader: The downloader first downloads the full installation kit from the control centre appliance and then starts the installation. It is small in size and it can be run both on 32-bit and 64-bit systems (which makes it easy to distribute).

• Full Kit: The full installation kits are bigger in size and they have to be run on the corresponding operating system type.

Available full kit versions:

• Windows OS: 32-bit and 64-bit systems
• Mac OS X: only 64-bit systems. Make sure to use the correct version for the computer you install on & save the file to the computer.

Run installation packages

The installation package must be run using administrator privileges or under an administrator account.
1. Connect and log in to Control Centre.
2. Download or copy the installation file to the target computer or to a network share accessible from that computer.
3. Run the installation package.
4. Follow step-by-step instructions.

Once Endpoint Security has been installed, the computer will show up as managed in Control Centre (Network page) within a few minutes.

Remote Installation
• Control Centre allows you to remotely install Endpoint Security on Active Directory computers and on other computers detected in the network by using installation tasks. Once Endpoint Security is installed on a computer, it may take a few minutes for the rest of the network computers to become visible in Control Centre.

• Endpoint Security includes an automatic network discovery mechanism that allows detecting Computers that are not in Active Directory. Detected computers are displayed as unmanaged computers in the Network page, Computers section, under Custom Groups. Control Centre automatically removes Active Directory computers from the detected computers list.

• To enable network discovery, you must have Endpoint Security already installed on at least one computer in the network. This computer will be used to scan the network and install Endpoint Security on unprotected computers.

Remote Endpoint Security Installation Requirements.
• Each target computer must have the admin administrative share enabled. Configure each target workstation to use advanced file sharing.
• Temporarily turn off User Account Control on all computers running Windows operating systems that include this security feature (Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 etc).
• If the computers are under a domain, use a group policy to turn off User Account Control remotely.
• Disable or shutdown firewall protection on computers. If the computers are under a domain, use a group policy to turn off Windows Firewall remotely.